Information about details needed to test our API via Sandbox credentials


The Payze API uses the Sandbox API key and secret to authenticate test requests.
You can view your Sandbox API keys in the Payze Dashboard in the Developer Portal section.

Using sandbox API KEY and request

Pass sandbox apiKey and apiSecret to authorization header to successfully authenticate the request as a test.

You can test any payment method you want, there aren't any additional parameters for sandbox transactions; the only difference are apiKeysand apiSecret parameters, anything else is the same for the prod environment.


Test environment let you simulate several scenarios

  • Test payments without waiting for verification.
  • Test redirect after Successful/Declined transactions.
  • Test non-redirect payments.
  • Test webhooks, Perform actions in test mode that send legitimate events to your endpoint.


How to use test cards

After sandbox payment link generated, use a card number, such as 4111 1111 1111 1111 for successful payments and anything other for test declined payments.

  • Use a valid future number, such as 12/34 for a date
  • Use any three-digit CVC
  • Use any value you like for the Cardholder Name

If you want to test the flow of rejected transaction, you can simply try paying with your real card and the transaction will be rejected.


When you’re ready to take your integration live, replace your test apiKeys and apiSecret with live ones. You can’t process live payments if your integration is still using your Sandbox API keys.